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Celtis BCI Conservative Fund of Funds


Portfolio Objective

This is a cautious managed fund of funds. The primary investment objective of the portfolio is to provide the investor with a high level of income and stable capital growth and will seek to follow an investment policy which will reflect a spread of investments aiming at income and capital growth normally associated with the investment structure of a retirement fund with a cautious risk profile.

Investment Strategy

Investments to be included in this Fund of Funds, will, apart from assets in liquid form, consist solely of participatory interests and other forms of participation of local and global collective investment schemes, or other similar schemes operated in territories with a regulatory environment which is to the satisfaction of the manager and trustee of a sufficient standard to provide investor protection at least equivalent to that in South Africa and which is consistent with the portfolio’s primary objective, investing in equity securities, property securities, non-equity securities.


CPI +3% p.a. over rolling 2 year

To view the latest Fund Fact Sheet, click on the link below.

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